Standardization of siddha formulation– adhatodai kudineer

International Journal of Development Research

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Standardization of siddha formulation– adhatodai kudineer

Uma Kullappan Shanmugam, GeethalakshmiSekkizhar, Vivekanandhan Elango, Kabilan Natarajan and Balasubramanian Thiyagarajan


The Purpose of the study was to standardize the Siddha formulation-Adhatodai Kudineer (ADK). Initially, Organoleptic characters like appearance, colour, taste and odour of ADK was noted. ADK was screened for moisture content, total ash value, acid insoluble ash, water soluble extractive value, alcohol soluble extractive value, microbial load, specific pathogen to estimate the quality of study drug. Aqueous extract and ethanol extract of ADK were taken by soxhlet method using 30 gram of sample and 210 ml of solvent. Aqueous extract and Ethanol extract were purified by evaporating solvent through heating in water bath then filtered and used the filtrates for testing. Preliminary Phytochemical evaluation of ADK was carried out following the standard procedure. The results of physiochemical analysis of ADK were found within normal limits. The results of the preliminary phytochemical test showed that alkaloids, carbohydrate glycosides, phytosteroids, phenols, flavonoids, tannins, diterpenoids and quinine are present in aqueous extract of ADK the same phytochemicals were present in ethanol extract of ADK except alkaloids, carbohydrate and tannin. Microbial contamination test showed total bacterial count - 5x10 4 Cfu /g and total fungal count 3x102 Cfu /g. ADK is free from specific pathogen like E.oli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus aureus.

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