Strengthening the identity of tourism destination in bandung city with city branding

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Strengthening the identity of tourism destination in bandung city with city branding

Marhanani Tri Astuti


This research is motivated by the many and varied opportunities and potential attractions of shopping in the city of Bandung. The city of Bandung has a strong positive image as a tourist destination for shopping, therefore Bandung programs do activities, create and strengthen the image of city tours through city branding. The purpose of this study is to analyze the strengthening of city branding Bandung as a shopping destination, as well as elements and attributes that become the prerequisite strengthening the identity of shopping tourism city of Bandung with city branding. In line with research problems and field realities, this research is a construction of tourism phenomenon from the perspective of government communication (birocratic communication). So paradigmatically this research will be constructivist and interpretive. Conclusions indicate that there are differences of views and insights in the branding process between the Office of Culture and Tourism (Government) with other stakeholders. At the level of primary communications, namely on the government side, branding Bandung as a tourist city should refer to the policy of branding Ministry of Tourism that is centralistic. This branding represents the character, potential and wealth of tourist attraction shopping in Bandung and its people. Communication strategy undertaken by Bandung Tourism Office covers operational strategy, persuasive and educative strategy, and cooperation strategy.

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