Student opinion for classical anatomical education associated with different teaching strategies

International Journal of Development Research

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Student opinion for classical anatomical education associated with different teaching strategies

Jalles Dantas de Lucena, Osvaldo Pereira da Costa Sobrinho, Katarina Maria Brasileiro Leal, Roberta Oliveira da Costa, Francisco Orlando Rafael Freitas, José Roberto Pimenta Godoy, Deiziane Viana da Silva Costa, Luiz Guedes de Carvalho Neto, Ana Angélica Queiroz Assunção Santos, Gilberto Santos Cerqueira, Francisco Rafael Oliveira da Silva, Delane Viana Gondim and Iolanda Gonçalves de Alencar Figueiredo


Objective: To evaluate the opinion of Nursing students regarding the methodology developed in the discipline of Human Anatomy, and the insertion of different didactic resources in the classes. Method: A cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach was conducted with 62 nursing students. It was observed that the majority of the students were women (90.32%). Results: Of this 92% of the students were satisfied with the teaching methodology used by the teacher in Anatomy classes, with theoretical classes followed by practical classes, associated with the use of different didactic resources. Among these resources were: textbooks, anatomical atlases, cadavers previously dissected (prosections), anatomical models, monitoring classes, and multimedia resources, such as the projection of slides produced in Microssoft® PowerPoint®, virtual atlases, videos and animations, which have passed of 84% of the students. Students highlighted prosecutions, anatomical atlases, monitoring classes and multimedia resources. Conclusion: Our findings indicated that nursing students were satisfied with the teaching methodologies used, demonstrating that it is necessary to introduce active methodologies such as problem-based learning, problem-solving and time-based learning with the purpose of improving the process of teaching and learning.

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