Study of effect of physical mutagensis on production of glucose oxidase in aspergillus Niger

International Journal of Development Research

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Study of effect of physical mutagensis on production of glucose oxidase in aspergillus Niger

Tanzila Sahar, Muhammad Anjum Zia, Anum Sahar, Naila Rafiq, Sobia Aleem, Sadia Aslam, Kausar Parveen, Nadia Noor and Nusrat Shafiq


Glucose Oxidase has get marked attention due to its wide range of applications in different industries and it is naturally produced in fungi, bacteria and insects where its catalytic product, hydrogen peroxide acts as an anti-microbial agent in food, diagnostic and pharmaceutical preparations. To meet its increasing applications of glucose oxidase, especially in food industries; large-scale production of this enzyme is possible by mutagenesis of various microbes including Aspergillus niger. This work describes that UV rays as physical mutagen were used to induce mutagenesis in Aspergillus nigerfor enhanced production of glucose oxidase. TS-UV-200 mutant derived isolate of Aspergillus nigerscreened out as best positive mutants with the 225.62% marked increase in glucose oxidase activity corresponding to its parent wild strain. Production of glucose oxidase from wild type and mutant strain of Aspergillusnigerwas carried outby pre-optimized conditions using corn steep liquor as substrate. In current study, it was found that UV rays as a physical mutagen could be efficiently used for the hyper-production of glucose oxidase from Aspergillusniger. It was also revealed that UV mutant strains of Aspergillus niger has a great potential for enhanced production of glucose oxidase and could be valuable for further advance research investigations and commercial scale production of glucose oxidase especially in food and pharmaceutical preparations.

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