A study on the impact of job stress on the performance of employees in the it sector

Naseema, C.M.

Stress has become a major concern of the modern times as it can cause harm to employee’s health and performance. Stress refers to pressure or tensions that people feel in life. It is therefore a natural and unavoidable feature of human life. Stress is a very significant factor in human behaviour which affects the performance and health of individual. Work related stress costs organisation billions of dollars each year through sickness, turnover and absenteeism. So it becomes necessary for every organisation to know the factors causing stress among the employees as well as how they cope up with stress to make the employees more participative and productive. The study aims to explore the impact of job stress on the performance of employees in the IT sector. The sample for study chosen was 200. A questionnaire was thoroughly prepared to know the impact of job stress. The study revealed that heavy work load is the main cause of stress among employees in the IT sector.

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           Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLGİN

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