A study on overall development of pre-school children in anganwadies

International Journal of Development Research

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Case Report

A study on overall development of pre-school children in anganwadies



Child development is the scientific study of the pattern of changes that happen in an individual from the pre-natal period to the early years of adolescence. The period of life from three to six years if age may be called pre-school or early child hood years. Early child hood period is an important period in the life of an individual. Significant changes occur in the child in all the areas of development namely physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas. Pre-school years are called as Foundation years because attitudes are formed and the pattern for future growth and development is determined.The main aim of the study to assess the children’s Socio-Economic status, Anthropometric measurements such as height, weight, Diet survey, physical, Intellectual development and emotional development in rural schools. The study wasconducted among 50 pre-school children in the age group of 4 to 6 years old were selected in rural schools. Results of the diet survey in the pre-school children 56% of children took non-vegetarian items and 44% of children took pure-vegetarian items. The selected samples 36% of children were interested in carom and 20% of children were interested in chess and then 44% of children were interested in videogame. Majority of the pre-school children were active and good had remembering capacity. The children observation was good.

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