The study on the spread and development of chinese wushu in asean countries

International Journal of Development Research

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The study on the spread and development of chinese wushu in asean countries

CHEN, Sheng and XIAO, Rui


By field research, questionnaire, expert interview, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, this study on Philippine Wushu gymnasiums and schools reaches the following conclusions: Wushu gymnasiums and schools in the Philippines are small in scale, limited in number and only concentrated in the economically developed regions; Participation in Wushu competition and developing Wushu Duanwei system are effective management means for sustainable development of Chinese Wushu in the Philippines; the loose management, insufficient promotion and rare excellent coaches are the main obstacles to the spread of Wushu in the Philippines. Considering the above problems, the author provides the official promotion department of Chinese Wushu with several suggestions including: increasing the targeted studies on the overseas spread and promotion strategy of Chinese Wushu, developing a group of highly-skilled Wushu talents with international mindedness, reinforcing talent training for overseas gymnasiums and schools, developing the top-level design, strengthening friendly exchange, increasing resource sharing between gymnasiums and schools and widening promotion channels.

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