Succession plan among pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe: A qualitative approach using the hidden and public transcripts theory

Judith Mwenje

Succession is a major issue both in business organizations and church organizations. This study cascades the study of succession planning to church organizations focusing on Pentecostal Churches in Zimbabwe. Pentecostal Churches in Zimbabwe have been growing at a fast rate with many of them mushrooming at a high rate especially in city centres. Most of the church founders of Pentecostal churches are still alive and active but what happens when they are gone? The question is a relevant question as this affects the sustainability of such churches. Do these churches have a succession plan? If they do is it clear to allow for the survival of the church when the founders are no longer around. The discussion in this paper is guided by the James Scott’s (1992) Hidden and Public Transcripts. Subordinates tend to behave in a certain way when they are under the scrutiny of the authorities. This kind of behavior. The major findings from the study was that succession plan among Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe is still shrouded in mystery with some considering it as taboo to discuss succession planning when the founder of the church is still alive.

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