Sweet potato flour as substitute for wheat flour and sugar in cookies production

International Journal of Development Research

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Sweet potato flour as substitute for wheat flour and sugar in cookies production

Everton Vieira da Silva, Solange de Sousa Emerson Erick Vieira da Silva, Yaroslávia Ferreira Paiva, Iago Felipe da Silva Leite, Alfredina dos Santos Araujo, Aline Carla de Medeiros, Patrício Borges Maracajá and Antonio Vitor Machado


Changes in eating habits of people increased the search for different food formulations to meet the nutritional needs, both for aesthetic reasons or medical restrictions. In this sense, sweet potato provides a valuable product, due to its nutritional and functional properties, being a source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. In this research, we evaluate the potentialities of sweet potato flour (SPF) in the production of biscuits for total and partial substitution of wheat flour (WF) and sugar. We prepared a control treatment (B1) with 100% WF and three other formulations with 100%, 75%, and 50% of WF substituted by SPF. Also, we reduced the percentages of brown sugar by 30%, 22.5%, and 15%, according to a pre-test, aiming to balance the carbohydrate values in all products. The total and partial substitution of WF by SPF was satisfactory, with no changes in lipid and protein contents and the maintenance of total carbohydrates percentages and the energetic value, even with the reduction of sugars. The treatment B2 stands out by the replacement of 100% of usual flour and reduction of 30% of brown sugar. Therefore, the biscuits produced with sweet potato flour proved to be a nutritionally suitable alternative for bakery sector.

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