Technological interventions to control financial fraud

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Technological interventions to control financial fraud

Himanshi A Chaudhary


The observations, auditing and continuous monitoring of routine processes of the organization/s is an ideal way to prevent the corruption and it will help to curb the financial fraud, which have direct impact on the net returns of the company / organization. The chronological events of financial fraud under different parts of the world as well as in India, gave an insight of this problem, while under present scenario of the country, use of big data, data mining, mobile application and forensic tools, to prevent financial fraud will be helpful to improve efficiency, address capacity problems and identify critical gaps. Hence, application of technological innovations will prove advantageous to prevent the corruption in the system. Therefore, to bring awareness among people of the country views of different workers are reviewed here to make this topic meaningful for the use of public in general and entrepreneurs in particular.

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