Terry towels – a product of textile industry

International Journal of Development Research

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Terry towels – a product of textile industry

Dr. Anju Arya and Amit Madahar


The name Terry originated from the way towels were manufactured originally. The towels are manufactured by compiling loops and then pulling them out to form a textile product. Historically, these loops were pulled out by hand and thus named from a French word “Tire” which means to pull out. Thus,A Terry towels may be described as a textile product which is made up with loops on one side or both side of the cloth. The loops enable the towels to absorb a large amount of water. These towels can be manufactured by weaving or knitting. Here an over view of terry towels, materials used in their construction and the features that governs their absorbency has been discussed. The terry fabrics may be Towel Terry having long loops to absorb a huge amount of water or French Terry in which one side is flat and other side has cross links. The absorbency of the terry towels largely depends on the material used in its manufacturing and the length of the loops on its surface. The larger length of the loops enhances the absorbency. The loop shape factor has also been reported as a key factor that affects the absorbency of terry towel. A high loop shape factor enhances the absorbency behavior of terry towels.

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