Tourism sector in the north eastern states-challenges and opportunities

Dr. Gour Krishna Saha

Changing lifestyles and economic growth led to rise in tourism sector. India is the ideal tourist destination due to diverse culture, language, art, music, clothing, festivals, religion, wild life and soon. North-East India is well blessed by Nature and it lays at the centre of one of the world’s richest bio-geographic areas. It is the treasure house of various economic resources. It has a rich cultural and ethnic heritage that can easily make it a tourist-spot. Tourism has the greatest potential for generating income and employment opportunities in North-East Indian states because NE India is not only characterized by the blending of flora and fauna it is also exceptionally rich in bio-diversity. Moreover the wildlife sanctuaries at various places of North-East India can attract the tourists all over the world. Further, tea tourism and golf tourism of NE India will attract the tourists. This paper makes an attempt to explore the potentiality from North-East Indian states which will maintain a bright prospect of economic development in terms of tourism industry in near future. In case of North Eastern Region, proper initiative of tourism development has so far not been undertaken despite the region has tremendous scope for tourism with its cultural heritage and scenic beauty. An integrated approach to promote tourism in the North Eastern Region as a whole is the need of the hour.

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