The trends in removal of heavy metal Conaminantes from the waste water by using biomaterials

Aman Adam, Saraswathi, M. and 2Viswanath, B.

The presence of large quantities of toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, zinc or others, poses serious health risks to humans, and this threat puts the scientific community under pressure to develop new methods to detect and eliminate toxic contaminants from wastewaters in efficient and economically viable ways. Industrial and agricultural effluents are a major cause of heavy-metal contamination, thus the removal and recovery of heavy metals from effluent streams is essential to the protection of the environment. Conventional technologies are either not able to remove and recover heavy metals to a satisfactory level, or they are too costly to implement. But there are some new techniques, which are cheaper and highly effective to removal of heavy metals from the waste water. The present study discussed about the past, present and future trends in waste water treatment methods by using biomaterials.

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