Understanding and evaluating leisure activities: The cases of Istanbul and Denton

Serif Esendemir

The sociology of leisure has always drawn the attention of the academicians. In particular, the discussion on the leisure activities of the older adults has moved to the front burner in the developmental sciences such as applied gerontology in the recent years. That’s because the later years are relatively seen as free time for the individual despite the body constraints due to aging. However, the planning and management of leisure time are extremely considered by the aged regarding their cultural habits. That is why this article sets a background for a critical review of debates on leisure activities in Eastern world with Darulaceze Skilled Nursing Home Facility in Istanbul and in Western world with the Seniors in Motion example in Denton. Both examples are going to give an idea about the role cultural backgrounds and daily life habits on the development of leisure activities strategies to see how the participation of older adults in leisure activities becomes an indicator of quality aging or successful aging.

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