Variation iteration method for solving porous medium equation

Alla M. Elsheikh and Tarig M. Elzaki

The aim of this paper, is to apply a new method called Variation Iteration perturbation method ((VIM)) to porous medium equation. This method is a combination of the new integral “Variation Iteration” and the perturbation method. The nonlinear term can be easily handled by perturbation method. The porous medium equations have importance in engineering and sciences and constitute a good model for many systems in various fields. Some cases of the porous medium equation are solved as examples to illustrate ability and reliability of mixture of Variation Iteration and perturbation method. The results reveal that the combination of Variation Iteration and perturbation method is quite capable, practically well appropriate for use in such problems and can be applied to other nonlinear problems. This method is seen as a better alternative method to some existing techniques for such realistic problems

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   Vol. 07, Issue 02, February 2017



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