Women entrepreneurs in India - emerging issues and challenges

International Journal of Development Research

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Women entrepreneurs in India - emerging issues and challenges

Dr. Ranjana Sharma


Women entrepreneurship was a neglected domain during the past, but with the spread of education and awareness among the women the picture has been changed and the women have emerged as today’s most memorable and inspirational entrepreneurs. It is said that family is a chariot with wheels which are driven by both the male and female members of the family. If one of the wheels is lagging behind, the chariot i.e. the family will not be able to grow and develop. In the same way when we speak about a nation, the Women entrepreneurship plays a dominant role in the economic development and makes significant contributions to the economic growth of the country. The development of the country would be very slow if the women entrepreneurship is ignored and stopped to join the main stream of productive activities. This paper unfolds the significance of women entrepreneurship and also focuses the role of women entrepreneurs in the Indian economy and also their contributions to the economic development. Various broader objectives like growth with equity can be achieved by enabling the development of women entrepreneurship. There is necessity of molding and shaping the women entrepreneurship with the entrepreneurial traits and skills. This will enable the women to adapt with the changing trends in both the domestic and global markets and built up competencies enough to sustain and strive for excellence.

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